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Since 1983, we have become recognized as the trusted name in vision correction in the Triangle—for patients of all ages. Porter Ophthalmology is the only eye-care center offering all modern refractive procedures in the Triangle. With more vision care candidates than ever, we have a full menu of vision correction procedures to effectively correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and other vision problems. Our experienced and knowledgable team will help provide you with the solution or treatment that is best for your eyes. Our goal: to help you see better.

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LASIK Raleigh

Laser vision correction has evolved significantly since the 1990s to help people dramatically improve their eyesight. At Porter, we offer proven laser vision correction options, including LASIK, LALEX (SMILE), PRK, EVO, and LR. Dr. Porter and his experienced team will diagnose your unique vision needs and customize the best laser correction option to help you become less dependent on glasses or contact lenses.


Cataracts are a common, yet serious, eye condition that can affect anyone. A cataract simply refers to the eye’s natural lens becoming cloudy and compromising visual performance—whether reading, watching TV, viewing a computer, driving a car, or simply taking in one’s surroundings. At Porter we inform patients about the most effective cataract surgery treatments—using the latest technology—to help restore optimal vision. Find out about our specific cataract surgery options.

Why Porter?

There are plenty of ophthalmologists in the Raleigh-Durham region, but no one provides the combination of expertise, experience, and genuine patient care that we give each and every patient. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to improving your vision and ensure the best possible care for your eyes. Isaac W. Porter, M.D. is a fellowship-trained refractive surgeon, committed to giving each patient better vision through a wide range of advanced surgical options customized to the individual. If you are looking for an experienced eye-care team you can trust, give Dr. Porter a call.


“Wonderful experience! LASIK has been Life changing for me. Very positive experience.”

Elizabeth S.

“I just had LASIK done April 8th, 2022. I was going to wait to review once my vision got better, here I am and it’s April 9th to say I love it! My results have been fantastic and miraculous after wearing glasses for 20+ years, I’ve never seen the world this great! Dr. Porter and his whole team are professional, wonderful, caring, patient, kind, and great at answering ALL questions. Special thanks to Yesi, she was my main contact person from initial consultation all the way to my post op. I’ve been to plenty of eye doctors being active duty military but Dr. Porter and his staff make you feel like family not just a number. They are not kidding when they say you can drive yourself to your appointment the day after surgery, just have tissues nearby because you may cry because the results are life changing! I highly recommend Porter Ophthalmology!”

Ricardo B.

“Highly recommended by my optometrist for refractive correction, I went for a consultation and loved the staff and the facility. While researching I learned that Porter is currently the only place in NC doing 3rd gen refractive eye surgery. I was so pleased to find that after 30 years of corrective lenses, I was a candidate for SMILE. Dr Porter talked to me during the entire procedure and that helped me a whole lot. It was quick and painless. 2 days post op I am doing excellent! Recovery has been so easy and fast and I can see wonderfully!
I can’t say enough good things. I highly recommend Porter Ophthalmology for anyone wanting to ditch contacts!!”

Adam R.

“I had SMILE surgery by Dr Porter and it was amazing! I highly recommend the procedure and Dr Porter to everyone ready for a life without glasses and contacts!”

Miriam G.

“Another doc told me there was nothing they could do…I had lasik done in the past and although it was amazing initially, it wore off quickly. It also was follow by severe dry eyes which didn’t allow for me to wear contacts. I was told I would be in glasses moving forward. Fast forward to a year + of wearing glasses. I met Dr Porter and he was very optimistic that he could help. I had PRK completed on my left eye. I went from 20/80 (yes I was blind) to 20/20. Such an amazing facility, extremely friendly staff, and results oriented.
Forever grateful!”

Angie C.

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