LASIK and other forms of laser vision correction are great procedures for the patients who qualify. We frequently hear from our patients how happy they are to see the world naturally without correction from glasses or contact lenses.

In this episode of A State of Sight, Isaac Porter, MD explains a few of the benefits of LASIK and PRK. Watch to learn more!

Welcome to A State of Sight, I’m Isaac Porter and this is your update in ophthalmology and eye care from Raleigh. Today, I would like to explain some of the great benefits of laser vision correction. Many of our patients are very thrilled after they have LASIK or PRK and we want to share some of these benefits with you.

The number one story that we hear after laser eye surgery is that patients love having great natural vision. This can be noticed in the mornings as soon as they wake up by being able to see their clock or look across the room without glasses or contacts.

For those who have a baby or small children, they are very happy to be able to wake up in the middle of the night and not have to worry about finding their glasses or worry about contact lenses if they need to check on their kids.

Recently, we had a patient who was very nearsighted. The morning after LASIK, she woke up, forgot she had surgery, and started looking for her glasses. Then she realized how great she could see without correction. She was extremely pleased with the results.

Since LASIK has a high degree of accuracy and precision, it is very effective at hitting the refractive target that we set as our goal. This is one of the primary reasons that this great natural vision is possible, and why it has become so popular.

Another advantage of laser vision correction is the value of the procedure compared to the cost of glasses or contact lenses. We know that the best time to have LASIK is once someone’s eyes reach maturity. Usually this is in the early 20’s or maybe earlier. When the refraction or prescription for glasses is no longer changing, the eyes can be considered stable. At this time, patients can get the best value over their lifetime for the procedure.

Often with financing, the investment in LASIK can be reduced to $100 – $200 per month, which is much less expensive than the cost of caring for glasses or contact lenses properly for the rest of the patient’s life. We do expect the results of surgery to last a patient’s lifetime, as long as their eyes remain healthy.

A great reason to consider laser eye surgery is for the enjoyment of watersports or swimming. It’s not safe to swim while wearing contacts or use contact lenses in the water, so having good natural vision without artificial correction is one of the few ways to safely be able to see in these situations.

I really enjoy scuba diving, and some of our patients do too. It can be difficult or expensive to get special masks with correction. Alternatively, patients would have to compromise and wear contact lenses underwater, so having the procedure can avoid these expenses or risks when diving.

Also, anyone who wears glasses understands the hassles they have when it is raining outside, or the problems with their glasses fogging when going between different temperatures.

I addition to these, I know there are a lot of other advantages. If you have had LASIK, we would like to hear your stories. Please share with us the things you have enjoyed from it below. We hope to see you again next time on A State of Sight.