The Raindrop near vision inlay is able to improve up close vision by changing the shape of the cornea. It can be a great solution for patients with presbyopia (age related focus dysfunction).

Watch this episode of A State of Sight with Isaac Porter, MD to learn more about this new technology.

Welcome to A State of Sight, I’m Isaac Porter and this is your update in ophthalmology and eyecare from Raleigh. Today I would like to explain the Raindrop near vision inlay because this is a great new technology that is available to patients that have trouble seeing up close.

Medically, we call this vision problem presbyopia or age related focus dysfunction, it happens to everyone starting around age 40 and usually by age 45, people notice they can no longer focus to see comfortably up close. When this occurs, patients have to start using reading glasses or have bifocals / progressive lenses placed in the bottom of their glasses.

The Raindrop corrective inlay is placed inside the cornea just underneath the surface in the front of the eye. It is very small, thin, and biocompatible, and it helps to change the shape of the cornea in order to boost up close vision in one of the patient’s eyes. It is only placed in one eye. The other eye is left alone to retain good distance vision. Between both eyes, the Raindrop inlay, can give patients a full range of vision, from up close to far away.

This very small inlay is actually placed underneath a flap in the cornea that is created in a very similar way that we create a flap for LASIK. A laser is used to create the flap which is then lifted up. Next, the inlay is placed right in the center of cornea then the flap is replaced. The procedure takes about ten minutes or less. Afterwards, once the patient gets a chance to recover, they can notice significantly better up close vision allowing them to read regular sized print. After the procedure, most people can read comfortably and also notice a boost in their intermediate vision which is about the distance for desktop computers.

This is now available for patients between the ages of 41 – 65 or anyone else that is noticing trouble with their up close vision. In order for people to qualify, they need to have pretty good distance vision to begin with (or they will require LASIK at the same time that the Raindrop inlay is placed). That means they don’t require a strong prescription in order to see distance. Most likely, they have not worn glasses most of their life, and now they are running into this problem of presbyopia or up close vision problems.    

Raindrop also works best if patients don’t have much astigmatism (or this will have to be corrected as well). We also know it works for patients who notice that they can see better when they have use reading glasses. So the target is to provide that improvement and remove the need for reading glasses. We are very excited about this new technology. If you have any questions please post them below, and we will be happy to answer them. If you wonder if Raindrop may be a good option to correct your vision, give us a call at 919-876-4064 and we will be happy to schedule your free evaluation. We hope to see you again soon next time on A State of Sight.